Thursday, July 5, 2012

Llama Mama!

These past few weeks have been mixed with trips to the mountains, museum, relaxation, and Aleena's first baby foods! I promise to post more pictures, either tonight or tomorrow! 
Until then, here is our little llama mama!

 I do love this picture so, so much!

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Pool Time!

It was Aleena's first time at the pool, and she loved it! I was a little hesitant due to her just falling asleep during the brief car ride there, but she was the same little fish in the pool as she always is in the shower!
After this pool fun, I realized that a waterproof camera is next on the list of must haves. I don't want to miss capturing anymore moments like I did, especially for such a big milestone. That being said, these pictures aren't as clear as I wanted because capturing Aleena's first swim and blocking water waves from the nearby kids is obviously not my specialty!

I can't wait to take her again next week!

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Baby Language

The sound of your baby crying is heartbreaking and frustrating, because sometimes you just don't know what to do to comfort your little one. Like one of the mothers state on this video, we go through a checklist, the diaper change, feed, tired, comfort, bathe, checklist, to see what exactly is making our child  upset.

My sister-in-law Nadja, introduced me to this amazing video yesterday, I wanted to share this amazing baby language with all of you! While watching this for the first time, I was feeding Aleena, the first baby  word is Neh, which means hunger, was demonstrated by a few babies. Aleena stopped feeding, looked up at me, and started smiling, she was so happy, as if I understood that she was hungry! She thought I was communicating with her! I couldn't stop laughing at her excited facial expression, she was thrilled that I understood her need!

This video is amazing, and I hope that you are able to better understand, and pinpoint your little ones needs a little easier after you're done watching!

Thank you Nadja, we love you!

Monday, June 11, 2012

The Milk Dud

I have a milk dud, I've had it since I first started breastfeeding, a little less than 4 months ago, it's my left lady. I don't know why it's happening,  apparently it's normal, but I try to increase its supply on a daily basis even though I know it wont do any good.

My right lady is a pro, a superstar, an overachiever. I never have to worry about my right side, just my sad, flat lefty. Even Aleena doesn't enjoy feeding from my left, it's like she feeds on that side just to get it over with, she shows my lefty no love! When it's time to switch to my right beauty, she gets excited, as if she's seeing a long lost friend! It's funny that I can see the different type of affection she shows my gals, she has a love hate relationship during every feeding! 

I've tried everything to increase my supply, everything from; switching positions during feedings, letting Aleena feed first from my left due to her more vigorous feeding habit, warm compression to help milk flow better, pumping longer than on left, drinking tons of water...etc. If I stop one of these methods, even for a day, than my supply starts to dwindle even faster! If I'm lucky than I can get 2 oz. from my left, while my superstar easily produces 4-5 oz., it's great because I know Aleena will always have food, but not in the way I would like. Another thing, this is causing a lopsided appearance! My bra is snug around one, and two sizes to big on the other! What the heck! 

I guess this is just another joy of motherhood! I cant complain entirely, at least I still am able to breastfeed Aleena longer than I expected I could make it! I do hope she learns to love both of my ladies, even if the sizes are noticeably different! Until then, I know she will continue, (like myself) to pick on the milk dud. 

Did any of you experience this little problem? If so, what methods did you try to increase your supply, or did you just learn to love your gals equally?!

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Thursday, June 7, 2012

Water Baby!

Aleena is a water baby! I love it! Yesterday we went to the park to run, (or be carried) through the fountains! Aleena and her cousins had so much fun! It's a relief that Aleena loves the water, because even if she didn't she was going to be by the end of the summer! I believe Water World is on the agenda for the near future!

As a side note:
I made mini cherry pies while waiting for these pictures to upload! Thought I would share these beauties!

I just used one pre-made pie crust and a can of cherries I had in the pantry!

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

DIY: Leg Warmers

I love Pinterest! Who doesn't?! It makes me feel as though I'm a gourmet chef, or a pristine sewer, and even someone with at least one creative bone in my body! Let's face it, I'm sure Pinterest gives us all a small dose of satisfaction during our day! That's why I wanted to share with you the latest project that I've been working on from a little inspiration (via here) I found on this life saving site! 
These leg warmers are so adorable, easy to make, super fast, and another way to admire you little ones chunky, lovable, squeezable thighs! Though it's summer time, I still love using these while we are relaxing in the AC!

Leg Warmers: Size 3-12 Months

One pair of socks
Fabric scissors
Thread (I hand stitched, but a sewing machine would be awesome if you have one.)

First, start out with a pair of women's knee-high socks, mine are from Target. Match the two socks up evenly so that the end result is even, cut along the three designated sections. (You can throw away the heel and toe section, or use it as scrap material for another project. Keep the middle and calf section.)

Next, take the foot piece of material and cuff it in half, right side material facing out.
Slip the cuff onto the calf piece of material, cut ends matched up to one another. Pin.

Last, sew along your pins, and finish with a secure knot. After you're done sewing, flip the cuff up, and you have these amazing leg warmers! So easy right?! 

I hope you enjoy making these as much as I did!
Note: If hand stitching, do not pull thread tight, it will cause the end result fabric to gather.