Sunday, July 24, 2011

Not This Time Around!

Fernando joined me at my doctors appointment which went great, and a lot of exciting news was discovered by us both! Let me just say that Fernando was a trooper and he handled the awkward pelvic exam like a pro!

So when the ultrasound began ( which was a vaginal ultrasound ), my eyes were searching the screen for more than one baby blob! Then I realized that I had no idea what I was even looking at! I think my doctor caught on to my expression right away because then the lesson began! After a couple of minutes I realized she wasn't moving that device around in me. So I asked her, is there more than one in there?

Ok, I know I'm only 20 and having twins for my first pregnancy would be a lot to handle but I guess for me it just seems like the perfect scenario for Fernando and I!

The Doc told me that it was just too early to tell, but I dont believe her! If I'm not having twins this time around then I am perfectly content with that! So I guess that the Pencil Test was a fail in our case!

Our Baby Blob Herrera!

Sunday, July 17, 2011

The Pencil Test

I have found myself to be a Google fanatic lately. Looking up every little symptom I have, symptoms that I might have and tons of belly pictures to compare myself to. Fernando thinks I'm crazy but with this being my first pregnancy I have no idea what to expect! Just the other day I was wondering what the symptoms of twins were because I'm already showing at 7 weeks and I know that's not typically normal. So as I'm searching blogs and peoples Google responses when I come across this lady's blog. She says that her husband thinks she is pregnant with twins because he did the pencil test. I'm sitting there thinking, what the heck is a pencil test and how do I do it! So I search "pencil pregnancy test" and sure enough there are you tube videos and entire websites dedicated to the pencil pregnancy test! So after reading up on it I decided to try it out! I took my needle, thread and #2 pencil and started hovering the pencil over my wrist. The websites stated that if it swung from wrist to elbow then it meant boy, side to side means girl and diagonal means twins. So with my first, second, and third try my results were all the same. If this test is correct Fernando and I will be blessed with twins!

Out of curiosity I have made my mom,sisters,cousins, aunts, grandmother and all the men in the family that already have kids try out this test. The results for my family all came out accurate,crazy huh?!

Tomorrow we will find out if the test is right because I have my first appointment! We are both so excited!

Monday, July 11, 2011

Broken Record

I know its been a while since I've last posted anything but I just haven't found any energy to keep up with it. The first week and a half after finding out I was pregnant was everything that I could hope for! I ate every two hours and realized that my body was capable of retaining TONS of water, meaning I knew where the bathroom was everywhere I went! I was pretty excited and grateful that I didn't get nauseous or feel any sickness at all. My two sister have had two children each and I remember them throwing up continuously. Well I guess I jinxed myself because for the past week I have not been myself. I am always tired and fatigued. At random times during the day I have to sit down and help myself relax so I won't get sick. I know this will pass but for now every day is the same. I am so excited to be further along in my pregnancy so that I can fully enjoy this wonderful experience!

In one week from today I have my first doctors appointment. Fernando and I are excited to hear our babies heart beat for the first time and share that special moment together!