Thursday, April 26, 2012

My Little Ballerina!

Our Happy Little Lady!

Wednesday was Aleena's two month check up and the beginning to a very long day.

 I was so excited to see what the overall progress that Aleena had made since she was born! Though I was excited, I was also nervous because I knew two month check up also means two month shots,but Fernando and I knew that it was the best for her in the long run. Our doctor is amazing, I love how personal she is with Aleena, and its nice that she remembers Aleena's overall health (so I don't have to repeat everything every time we go in.) 

This is what we were told about our healthy little girl! 
 Height: 24 inches - 98 percentile (that's 3 inches in two months!!) 
Weight: 12.5 lbs. - 85 percentile (that's a little under 5 lbs. since birth!!) 
Head Circumference: 15 inches (she was born at 13 & 3/4)

I love all 24 inches of this girl!

 I text Fernando about her growth and he was so excited! The height comes from his dads side of the family, and all he can talk about now is how Aleena is going to be his little basketball player! I'm leaning more towards my little ballerina! Tutus, recitals, tight little bun hair-do!! So adorable!! 

 Anyways, back to her health! Her allergies are basically nonexistent, and have been ever since we sent our dog away to live in New Mexico with grandma Priscilla! (Sorry Fernando but Aleena comes first, you'll get over it eventually...I hope!) Her baby acne is almost cleared up 100%, so all in all we have a very healthy, tall little chunker!! I also purchased some vitamin D droplets to give her once a day so her bones grow big and strong! (All I know is that they sure do stink...weird right?) 

 Then came time for the shots, I was sad, nervous, and ready to punch the nurse for making my baby cry (my maternal instincts were on hyperdrive). Thankfully our nurse was caring, patient, and she was doing her best to make Aleena like her before she gave her the three shots. The scream that came from my love was unbearable, I couldn't stand that she was in pain so I cried with her (that still wasn't enough to male her feel better.) The scream was short lived, and as soon as I put her back into her carseat she was sound asleep for the next 3 hours. 

My poor baby girl.

 Boy was she mad when she woke up! Screaming during her burping, her feeding, and when I was holding her. I finally laid her down to sleep and she passed out within a minute...for another 3 hours. I was able to get a lot of homework done but I didn't like the reasoning behind it. The next day she was back to her happy little self, and I was relieved that her two month check up was over and done with. Here are some pictures of our little princess!! 

Aunty Lala!


Grandpa Emilio!

 Oh and did I mention that she started to semi-crawl! We caught it on video the second time around! She doesn't use her arms but her long legs were scooting her along the couch from one cushion to the next! Ahh I'm not ready for her to crawl yet!!

Part Two

The next day I was miserable. I was trying to keep myself busy with organizing our new apartment but the pain kept getting more intense as every minute went by. I felt as though I should keep my emotions under control because we had house guests (nobody wants to see their sister-in-law freak out over pain!) I know that Valerie (Fernando's sister) wouldn't have cared, if anything she would have done all that she could to help, (I even remember her massaging my back to ease the pain) I wish I would have let her.

 I had promised to make dinner for everyone that night, I was wishing that I hadn't though! It took me two hours to cook and it was only chicken stir-fry! Every few minutes I would have to stop, try to breath, and try not to sit down because I wanted to get dinner done! It was such a relief when I finished, everyone sat down to eat while I jumped in a hot shower to try to ease the pain. My sister Elesha kept calling to see if I needed any help because she was concerned with me not getting any sleep due to the pain. She told me that it was best if I went to the hospital to at least get some sleeping pills, but I didn't want to drag Fernando to the hospital so late at night when I knew that he had work the next morning. Finally at 12 I woke Fernando up and told him I was leaving. Elesha was already on her way, and I would be back soon. He insisted on taking me but I convinced him to stay home and get some rest.

The drive to the hospital was hell. I cried every time we hit a speed bump or crossed over a railroad track (there were 3 along the way)! We finally arrived and the nurse, which happened to be the same rude one from the night before, informed us that my cervix had to be checked before they could give me some sleeping pills. I couldnt' believe that she was still there, I thought for sure that she would have been gone. I guess she didn't believe my cervix that Aleena was on her way, so she told me that in order to be admitted I had to walk for an hour to see if my contractions were moving along. I was filled with so many emotions when she told me that, once she left the room I started balling. I couldn't imagine myself even getting out of the bed, let alone walk for an hour. Well the walking lasted maybe 15 minutes before they had to come find me and tote me back in a wheelchair. Im pretty sure that convinced her.

Once we were back in the room, my entire family showed up, followed by Fernando. I remember keeping my eyes closed the majority of the time, just concentrating on breathing while everyone took turns massaging my back, arms and legs. It helped to soothe me, calm my nerves, and let me feel something other then my spine being ripped out! Finally, I couldn't take it any more. I needed drugs, lots of drugs, I couldn't sleep, I couldn't think clearly, I was afraid. Afraid of the next contraction, afraid of the pain. The epidural was my decision and my family supported me 100%. Though it wasn't what I had planned, it was my new plan. The plan that would get me through the night, the next hour, the next contraction. I needed help and I was not afraid to ask for it! Fernando stayed in the room while they administered the epidural, he was nervous, I could tell, but he stayed strong for me, he made me feel safe. I love you Fernando with all of my heart! You were a trooper!

As a side note: I don't know how some mothers give birth naturally, I wasn't that strong, even though I planned on being strong. So to all of you natural birth, baby making machines out there, I salute you. For the pain relief mamas, I know how you feel, it truly does really hurt! I finally believe you!

( I know I said this would be a two post part, but I think that three would be better. It's a long and meaningful story and I don't want to leave anything out!)  

Monday, April 23, 2012

Little Lady of Mine

I have been inspired! Jordan, who writes My Faere Lady (previously You Plus Me Equals Three), has given me the push that I've been needing to finally change my blog name! Its time for a change, and change is always good! So thank you Jordan I really do appreciate it! For those of you who haven't viewed her blog, hurry, what are you waiting for! Her and her husband just had a beautiful baby girl Vivienne!

I started this blog almost a year ago when we were first trying to conceive! Wow that seems like it was just yesterday! Now that we have been blessed with beautiful Aleena, I'm really needing to make this blog about our daily adventures as a new family and what lies ahead for us!

 I have been trying to think of a new name for weeks, and everything that I've come up with never fits what my blog is about. I knew that I was over thinking the whole thing so I gave it a rest for a while. Then I noticed that every time I mentioned Aleena I found myself referring to her as my Little Lady! This new name just fits so perfectly!  

Little Lady of Mine! Wow I can't get over how happy this new name makes me feel! 

A picture of Aleena's first day in this world! She's so big now!

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Instagram Me Please!

I thought I would break up my birth story with some pictures of us this week! For those of you who follow me on instagram sorry this is a review for you! For those of you who don't, follow me at jessica_stone18!!

Friday, April 20, 2012

Birth Story: Part 1

With Aleena turning 2 months this past week, I realized that I still hadn't told my birth story and that's something ill never want to forget! I feel as though its important for all mothers to share their personal story so that we can help those who are expecting or who will some day be. My story is rather long, so I will be breaking this into two separate posts so I don't have a book published on here! I hope you enjoy it, learn from it, and take it with you, because I know we will never forget the day our beautiful daughter Aleena was brought into this world!

 The Friday before Aleena was born, which was 5 days prior, I left work early because I was so uncomfortable that it felt like I had the worst menstrual cramps ever. Fernando left work early so that we could head over to the mall and try to kick the contractions up a notch. After a couple of hours we realized that the walking wasn't doing much besides give me a big blister on the back of my heel. Our next plan was to pit stop at the restrooms then grab some dinner. Well, to be vague, I lifted my leg up to flush the toilet, (public bathrooms freak me out!) and water trinkled down my leg...twice!!! I was so happy! My water broke! When I got back to Fernando and told him the news, (with his anxiety kicking in) we headed to the exit and were on our way to the hospital! Once there, the nurse, which I loved, did a test to make sure my water broke. The test came back negative and they said I had probably lost control of my bladder. LIARS!! Still to this day I know it wasn't my bladder! They kept me there for a few hours, making me walk, checking my cervix, (which was only dilated at 1.5) monitored me, but my body wasn't progressing enough. So I was soon sent home with the feeling of desperation. Sooner or later we were going to meet our baby girl, the next time we left the hospital we would leave with three!

A few more days flew by rather quickly because we were moving to another apartment, spending time with Fernando's sister, niece, and nephew who had been staying with us for a little over two weeks, and trying to prepare for Aleena as much as possible. I swear that move wore me out, and I finally realized that I needed to slow down and take it easy for a while. Well that didn't quite happen because all day Monday I was having contractions, like the ones that knock the wind out of you kind of contractions. I felt so bad because his sister was unpacking our house (which is what I should have been doing, not her) while I was "relaxing" on the couch. I finally got to the point that I knew that I needed to just go in again. So round two, we were back at the hospital, and the nurse this time wasn't that nice. I was told to walk for a few hours to see if my still 1.5 dilated cervix would go up every hour like it is supposed to. Sad to say I didn't progress, my contractions weren't as close as they needed to be and the nurse made me feel as if I was incapable of reading my own body. She made me feel like I didn't know anything about my baby girl, and that type of person has no right to work with emotional hormonal mothers-to-be. I tried to keep it to myself but I ended up telling my entire family about our bad experience with this one rude nurse. That was not the end of our encounters with her, I wish I would have said something to her, gave her a piece of Aleena's and my mind!

(Sorry for not having pictures, but the idea of remembering how miserable I was in the hospital didn't really appeal to me!)

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Exercise, when is there time?

During the last month of my pregnancy all I could think about was how badly I wanted to work out. I could picture my thighs becoming slim again, my stomach back to its flat self, and my feet not swollen anymore! Now that my doctor gave me the all thumbs-up to work out, I've only found time to feel the burn twice! Between caring for Aleena, school work, being a housewife, and finding time to keep my daily appearance up, I don't know when to squeeze in a good 30 minute workout. Plus I have to keep in mind not to disturb Aleena's schedule too much. 
 Where is your little one when you work out?
 When do you find time to better your body?
 Is it easier to workout at home, or go out and make it a fun one!?
 Does anyone else have this problem!?
  Thanks for your input!

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

2 Months!

Today, at 8:16 am. Aleena turned two months! ( in my crazy, excited, proud mommy voice!) I was able to capture a video today of the birthday girl, the rest of her day was filled with sweet baby dreams!

 We love you Aleena! Happy Happy birthday!!

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Pure Addiction!

A requirement for being apart of my family is the feeling of pure happiness when you are eating an amazing piece of bread! I know I know, its weird to some, but everyone in my family loves carbs! I guess its a pure addiction that we all other types of cravings that's for sure!

   Well anywho, whenever Grandma Priscilla comes for a visit, she always makes sure we are stocked up on flour...weird right?! Well it all has to do with Blue Bird Flour being the best type when it comes to making tortillas and the fact that its not sold in the greater part of Denver...well it used to not be. Now we can purchase our own at King Soopers, so we no longer need Grandma Priscilla to keep our stock pile high! Mr. Fernando told his mother that we needed more, when in reality we did not. So now I'm left with this huge abundance of flour, so I decided to make homemade tortillas for Fernando's coworkers. Am I the best or what?! ( The tortillas were forgotten on the counter, so my mother was the lucky winner instead!) 

 I decided that a tortilla tutorial was a great thing to share with you all! Believe me, when your done cooking and ready to eat a warm, fresh, homemade tortillas, you'll be so mad that I hadn't posted this sooner! And as a side note: these were my best batch yet!

What you will need:

4 c. Flour (whatever your preference in brand) + 1 c. extra 
1 tbs. salt
2 tsp. baking powder
2 c. warm water
2 tbs. olive oil

Combine all of the dry ingredients. Then add olive oil. You will need to grind down the chunks of oil and flour the formed until flour is smooth throughout. Add all of water at once, do not add little at a time, it makes dough tough. Your dough will be a little on the soggy side, so add 1/2 cup of your extra flour. Cover with damp rag for 10 min. Once skillet it heated, I use my cast iron because it heats the tortilla evenly, break off 3 balls, a little bigger than a golf ball. Roll out and leave on skillet for 1 min. on first side, then about 30 seconds on the second. Continue until all of dough is used. Keep warm in tortilla warmer or in between a cloth. 

Makes: 12-15 tortillas. ( I always cut this in half for breakfast so that we are not left with tons of leftovers...they are too addicting!) Below are step by step pictures.


Daddy and baby girl while mama is slaving over a hot stove!

Friday, April 13, 2012

Apartment Mothers...Help!!

I have a problem, and I'm sure I'm not the only one who is suffering from noisy neighbors. I didn't know that one lady (our neighbor above us) could make so much noise! I'm so over Aleena waking up from every nap early because the lady sounds like shes going to bring our ceiling down. I swear she has OCD because she vaccumes everyday, for one hour, at the same time. She can't be that dirty...right??? To add to the problem, she doesn't work, so shes home all day, just like me. We have wanted to confront her since we brought Aleena home, but we haven't found the right time, or we just have been busy. I finally got fed up with hoper one day when I was home alone that I was about to go up to her and give her an ear full. Then I thought, I don't know this lady, she could be crazy ( anyone who vaccumes that mich has to be crazy!). She could try to get revenge on us for my complaint, I just dont know what to do. I tried sending Fernando up to talk to her but he doesn't like confrontation. Then I thought of contacting our apartment management but I wasnt sure if that would be rude for not going directly to her first. Has anyone else had this problem? What did you do? Am I over thinking this?

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Our Sleeping Beauty!

I thought I would share with you some of our favorite picture of our little lady getting her beauty sleep! She is just so precious!

Monday, April 9, 2012

Easter Weekend!

Aleena's 1st Easter weekend was quite a memorable one! I was so excited to spend her first holiday outside of the womb with her that I had everything planned out! Ha ha, what was I thinking? Our weekend revolved around our lovely lady, which was the best part about it all! 

A lazy morning for us!

My realization that my daughter looks nothing like me!

Grandma Priscilla was able to visit from New Mexico and stay all weekend with us! She hadn't seen Aleena since she was one week old, she's quite the chunker now!

One of my favorite things about Aleena is that she's lazy like her mama, and I know its not because she's a newborn! We spent all of Saturday lounging around the house and Grandma cooked us mutton (lamb ribs) and homemade tortillas! Yum!

Easter morning we planned on getting ready early and taking lots of pictures of Aleena opening her first Easter basket... that did not happen! Instead Aleena took an extra long morning nap, decided that her dress wasn't comfy, and cried until we took it off of her! We couldn't even snap any pictures of that! So she wore one of her favorite outfits ( my favorite) and we were off to eat lunch with my family! We all had a great 1st Easter with our baby girl Aleena!

Our new little family!

Her basket that we put together!

Aleena and Gunga!

Aleena and Aunty Dede!

Aleena and cousin Jaylee!