Monday, October 31, 2011

Some Sunday Fun!

Yesterday our baby girl and I experienced our first ever Denver Broncos game! All thanks to Fernandos' mom! Thank you Priscilla! I've been to Rockies and Nuggets games all of my life, but never a football game! Its a completely different experience and the atmosphere makes you want to be a die hard fan that paints their face and wears crazy wigs! Ever since I met Fernando he has talked about these amazing games and I always thought that he was just over exaggerating! Now I know, now I get it, I am officially hooked! Im so happy we are going again in December!

Here are some pictures of us from yesterday!

Since I can't have hot dogs, I indulged in these nachos. Im so happy I did! They made the game even better, I didn't know that was possible!

Friday, October 28, 2011

Mexican Tonight? I Think YES!

Fernando and I have been a couple for a little over 3 and 1/2 amazing years. When we first met, being the gentleman that he is, for our first date he picked me up from my Nonies (which is my grandma) house with all of my family waiting to meet my mystery man! It was my moms condition (I was 17 at the time) that if he wanted to take me on a date then he would have to meet my family. Little did he know that by family it meant meeting 13 people (who are all immediate family members), that's what scared me the most. I didn't know how he was going to react to all of them at once, since he was coming from a family of 2 kids. Well let me just say folks, he did amazing and he looked as handsome as ever! For dinner he took me to this cute little mexican restaurant on the other side of town that him and his dad had been going to for years. OMG... I was hooked with the first bite, I didn't even do the lady like thing and act like I wasn't hungry. Nope not me, when dinner was over my plate was clean! How embarrassed was I when I saw he still had half left!

Anyways!! We go and eat El Jardin at least once a month now because their food is addicting. The beans and rice are the best ever, and how can that be? Beans and rice are like the easiest things to make, but they are heaven there! I think it has a lot to do with the New Mexico chile smothered, no drenched, all over the stuffed sopapilla and side of beans and rice!

Well when I got home from work today Fernando was just finishing getting all spiffed up and told me we were going to eat El Jardin. I was so excited! All I could think of was how full I was going to be for the next 2 days! One of my lovely pregnancy symptoms is my superhero like taste buds. They are working on overload and they know what they don't like, like, and love. Well they LOVE what I fed them tonight! Thank you babe for dinner, our little girl is going to be a mexican food lover just like you and me!

Stuffed Sopapilla, beans, rice, and green chile!

Chips and salsa!!!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

What's Going On?

Well I am continuously browsing other mom blogs on a daily basis. A couple of them that were pregnant had given an update post, I thought that was a great idea! So here it goes!

Weeks: 22 Weeks 1 Day

Weight Gain: Well my next appointment is coming up soon and I try not to weigh myself in between each visit. At my last visit I had a total weight gain of 6 pounds. That was two months ago due to my ultrasound being at the beginning of this month. So I'm pretty sure I can add 4 pounds to that. So my magic number will be 10 pounds which I think isn't too bad, especially since the doctors told me I was a little under weight...I don't see how that can be possible!

Appetite: I have not noticed myself having any type of cravings this entire pregnancy except for hot, hot, HOT chile. However, the amount of food that I want to eat during a meal has definitely gone up! It's funny how Fernando is always trying to feed me even when Im not hungry! He says that I need to feed this baby, he doesn't realize that if this baby gets too big, I am going to be the one to push her out!

Clothes: My clothes have gotten to be too small so I am strictly stuck with maternity pants If I want to wear one of my own shirts, I can expect my belly to be popping out! I think another visit to the maternity store is much needed soon!

Belly Button: My belly button is in an awkward stage right now! Its in the middle of popping out and still being an "innie"!

Our Babies Progress: " She is 11 inches and almost 1 pound. Her lips, eyelids, and eyebrows are becoming more distinct, and she is developing tiny tooth buds beneath her gums".

New Found Fun: So our real bonding time is right when I lay down for bed. I've noticed that she loves to kick away and I love feeling her little feet,hands, and head push against my palm. Its so funny when I tell Fernando to feel, its like she can sense it and quickly stops kicking! Its like she knows he is spying on her! Poor him, he is lucky if he catches the last thump on his hand!

Goal of The Week: I am not a messy individual, and I believe that my house reflects that. I just feel that I can never clean it fully lately. So my goal of this week is to spring clean ( even though its now officially winter here in the lovely Colorado state) this house of ours. I believe that a cleaning genie has put a spell over me and now I'm almost like a germaphobe!

Sunday, October 23, 2011

A Little Lazy Mixed With Fun

Our weekend was very ideal for me, I think this has a lot to do with me rubbing off on Fernando. He has always been the type to go go go, but ever since this pregnancy I believe his true lazy side has started to show! I must say, I'm enjoying it very much!

Saturday, we were supposed to run a bunch of errands and then he was going to go ride his dirtbike for the day, well that never happened. I treated him to an amazingly yummy lunch at one of our favorite Vietnamese restaurants, that was my little trick in getting him to agree! You see, I always want Vietnamese food lately! Then we went home, it was only supposed to be a quick stop to let our dog Odom out. However, we woke up 2 hours later from a much needed nap! I haven't taken a nap since my second trimester started, now I know that I need to start up with them again. Long story short, nothing that we planned was accomplished yesterday!

For today, we watched the premier of Tebow and his new starting position with the Denver Broncos. I'm starting to get the hang of this whole football thing, I think! Then we went to my works company picnic, bowling style! Let me just say, my mom had her concerns because she went into labor with me when she was bowling! I was just fine with my little 8 pound ball! Until the second game, then Fernando had to finish for me, scoring a couple strikes to add to my winning score! I think our little one had fun too because while we were enjoying our time she was busy kicking away!

To be on the fair side, we ended our day hanging out with Ray and Sammy, my two brother-in-laws. They had their ATV's and Fernando had his dirtbike. While they were busy with their toys, Odom and I enjoyed a long walk with a little bit of catch for his exercise. Like I said, this weekend was very ideal! I wonder what the week has in store for us!

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Halloween Party Time!

This weekend was so fun! My sister Elesha hosted a Halloween party at her house and to tell you the truth I was a little nervous about what I was going to dress up as. I knew that I wasn't going to be big enough to pull off a cute pregnant costume but I still wanted to have my belly showing. For all of my previous Halloween years I've always been something cute and girlie but for some reason I let Fernando talk me into being a zombie with him.

To be honest, I think that we both pulled it off really good! The cuts were pretty gruesome, and made Fernando gag a couple times, but everyone wanted to know where we learned to do our makeup! Being pregnant made the flow of the party go a little differently for me this time around. While everyone was enjoying their drinks, I was in my own joyful world of chips and dip, cookies, and my version of jello shots! Plain cherry flavored jello! Everyone looked at me like I was crazy, but hey, Im pregnant and jello sure did hit the spot!
I don't plan on going all our for Halloween night though, it took a little too much maintenance for me! I plan on concentrating more on making some fun food for my little sister, niece, nephew, and of course our baby girl to enjoy! Im thinking green goo worm cups!

Monday, October 17, 2011

Our Baby Girl!

Last week we found out that our hopeful little one was going to be a little girl!! I was so excited during the entire ultrasound, I didn't want to take my eyes off of the screen! I managed to pull my eyes away a couple of times and glance over at Fernando to see his expression, it always made me smile even more. He was feeling the same happiness that I was, the sight of his little girl was all that he was going to need from now on! Even though my bladder was going to explode at any moment, I didn't want the ultrasound to ever end. Thank goodness she let me use the restroom before we got into the main part of the ultrasound. The tech was amazing, she made us feel very comfortable and every question we had was answered with a perfect answer! She was even having fun watch our little girl move around like crazy!

I would have to say that my favorite part of the ultrasound was when we saw her yawn on the screen a couple of times! She was tired and we were disturbing her sleep! I think thats why I felt her kick at the little wand a couple of times! We sure do have a tough little cookie inside of me! No wonder why I thought for the longest time that she was a boy!

So here you go world, here is our little girl! Our life!!