Monday, June 11, 2012

The Milk Dud

I have a milk dud, I've had it since I first started breastfeeding, a little less than 4 months ago, it's my left lady. I don't know why it's happening,  apparently it's normal, but I try to increase its supply on a daily basis even though I know it wont do any good.

My right lady is a pro, a superstar, an overachiever. I never have to worry about my right side, just my sad, flat lefty. Even Aleena doesn't enjoy feeding from my left, it's like she feeds on that side just to get it over with, she shows my lefty no love! When it's time to switch to my right beauty, she gets excited, as if she's seeing a long lost friend! It's funny that I can see the different type of affection she shows my gals, she has a love hate relationship during every feeding! 

I've tried everything to increase my supply, everything from; switching positions during feedings, letting Aleena feed first from my left due to her more vigorous feeding habit, warm compression to help milk flow better, pumping longer than on left, drinking tons of water...etc. If I stop one of these methods, even for a day, than my supply starts to dwindle even faster! If I'm lucky than I can get 2 oz. from my left, while my superstar easily produces 4-5 oz., it's great because I know Aleena will always have food, but not in the way I would like. Another thing, this is causing a lopsided appearance! My bra is snug around one, and two sizes to big on the other! What the heck! 

I guess this is just another joy of motherhood! I cant complain entirely, at least I still am able to breastfeed Aleena longer than I expected I could make it! I do hope she learns to love both of my ladies, even if the sizes are noticeably different! Until then, I know she will continue, (like myself) to pick on the milk dud. 

Did any of you experience this little problem? If so, what methods did you try to increase your supply, or did you just learn to love your gals equally?!

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  1. when i was nursing caleb, lefty was my milk dud too. how funny is that. i have even asked my fellow nursing mama friends and they all had one too.