Monday, December 5, 2011

The Bola Musical Pregnancy Pendant

A package was delivered to me today from my brother Matthew and his girlfriend, who at the moment are living in Sweden. I have been getting messages from them for the past couple of days asking if I had received it yet. I figured it was a cute pair of shoes or a piece of clothing that they had picked up for our little baby girl Aleena. However, I was emotionally surprised by how thoughtful and meaningful the gift inside the package was, and I was unable to keep my tear ducts from going into overdrive. 

Inside was a letter, this letter made me cry, and I hadn't even opened the bubble wrapped gift yet. The letter said:

The Bola Musical Pregnancy Pendant is worn just like a necklace, except that the pendant rests low on a pregnant mama's belly and creates a soft chime when she walks or moves, or when the baby is active. From about 20 weeks, your baby will be able to hear and enjoy the soothing sound of the chime too!
Nadja heard about this and really thought that this would be a great thing to have. After your baby is born it will be able to recognize  the sound of the chime, like your voice or music, and it can help relax your child. We both love you and hope you will enjoy it.
Matthew & Nadja

Inside the package was this beautiful pendant connected to a long string. I immediately put it on and moved it so Aleena could start to recognize the beautiful, soothing chime that came from it.
I am truly blessed to have my brother and Nadja in my life, Aleena is so loved already and she wont grace us for another 2 months.
Thank you Matthew and Nadja, we all love you so much!

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