Monday, December 19, 2011

Craft Time!

I wanted to make this years Christmas a little more special with making all of the kids in my family handmade gifts that they were sure to love! I was searching on the internet for about a week when I stumbled on a tweet by Craft that showed how to make a sleepover pillowcase. It was so cute, it had a zipper and button pocket that held stuffed animals, books, or any special keepsakes. I decided on starting them last week, so I made my way to the fabric store. I was a little nervous because I have never used a sewing machine, so I was going to have my Nonie help me learn! I sure had a surprise in store for me, fabric is expensive!! Well I thought so and I was also trying to make these gifts special and on a budget. That was not going to happen if I went with the same gift idea. 

I didn't want to make my trip to the fabric store a complete waste so I decided to pick up three beautiful patterns and decided to make some cute pillows for our little girls nursery! They are all different sizes and they came out exactly how I imagined them! Plus I was able to experience a sewing machine for the first time! Success!

I also saw an adorable idea to make a clock out of buttons and using a embroidery wheel. Im almost done with it, I just need to buy the actual clock arms and battery. I am already so excited with how its coming out!!

I am a DIY freak now, and I love following other crafters on FB. Thrifty Decor Chick had these adorable candle holders that she just used as center pieces. I thought that I could do the same with some scrapbook paper and some glasses from the thrift store! They are absolutely my favorite! I think that these will be great for Aleena's nightlight using the battery candles! We are super excited to put her nursery together after we move!

Oh and one more thing! I picked these adorable butterflies up from Hobby Lobby for only $1.50 each! I think they will look great hanging on one of the nursery walls or from the ceiling! 


  1. great idea to make crafts for everyone! so thoughtful and cute. :)

  2. Jessica! I love all your projects - yay for DIY!! That clock is going to be *so* adorable! I want to make one now too ;)