Wednesday, October 26, 2011

What's Going On?

Well I am continuously browsing other mom blogs on a daily basis. A couple of them that were pregnant had given an update post, I thought that was a great idea! So here it goes!

Weeks: 22 Weeks 1 Day

Weight Gain: Well my next appointment is coming up soon and I try not to weigh myself in between each visit. At my last visit I had a total weight gain of 6 pounds. That was two months ago due to my ultrasound being at the beginning of this month. So I'm pretty sure I can add 4 pounds to that. So my magic number will be 10 pounds which I think isn't too bad, especially since the doctors told me I was a little under weight...I don't see how that can be possible!

Appetite: I have not noticed myself having any type of cravings this entire pregnancy except for hot, hot, HOT chile. However, the amount of food that I want to eat during a meal has definitely gone up! It's funny how Fernando is always trying to feed me even when Im not hungry! He says that I need to feed this baby, he doesn't realize that if this baby gets too big, I am going to be the one to push her out!

Clothes: My clothes have gotten to be too small so I am strictly stuck with maternity pants If I want to wear one of my own shirts, I can expect my belly to be popping out! I think another visit to the maternity store is much needed soon!

Belly Button: My belly button is in an awkward stage right now! Its in the middle of popping out and still being an "innie"!

Our Babies Progress: " She is 11 inches and almost 1 pound. Her lips, eyelids, and eyebrows are becoming more distinct, and she is developing tiny tooth buds beneath her gums".

New Found Fun: So our real bonding time is right when I lay down for bed. I've noticed that she loves to kick away and I love feeling her little feet,hands, and head push against my palm. Its so funny when I tell Fernando to feel, its like she can sense it and quickly stops kicking! Its like she knows he is spying on her! Poor him, he is lucky if he catches the last thump on his hand!

Goal of The Week: I am not a messy individual, and I believe that my house reflects that. I just feel that I can never clean it fully lately. So my goal of this week is to spring clean ( even though its now officially winter here in the lovely Colorado state) this house of ours. I believe that a cleaning genie has put a spell over me and now I'm almost like a germaphobe!


  1. great post! having a baby is the best experience ever! :)

  2. I loved this post! You should post a picture of your stomach so I can see how big you are getting. And tell Fernando to order some cute maternity clothes to you ;) from:

    Love you

  3. Oh my...I'm having the same problem as you with my belly popping out of all my shirts! I'm also waiting for my belly button to pop all the way's trying so hard! hehe.