Sunday, November 6, 2011

Free Time Means???

All week long Fernando and I are busy doing one thing or another. Its rare for us to be able to just have a day to ourselves between the days Monday and Friday. For me, Saturday is a work day so I don't really get the typical weekend break but im not complaining. When I do have a day to myself, no homework, work, or planned events,
like Sunday, I never know what to do with my time! Its like I screw myself over and make a mental list of the many honey-do things that I could just ignore. I use to ignore them, why can't I anymore? I think that this baby girl inside of me is acting as an inner clock for me. "The cleaning, organizing, and planning needs to be done now, not later", thats what she is telling me lately, and I have a feeling that its not going to go away! So I guess i'll have to get use to this busy, busy, busy schedule of mine! Bring it on!

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