Sunday, January 8, 2012

So Much To Do!!

This past few weeks has been exciting, hectic, stressful, and eventful! I feel like there has been so much for us to do and I have made baby steps doing the necessary tasks, but now it is time to kick it into full gear and get everything done! 
I dont think I've mentioned it before, but we are moving a week before my due date..I know right...crazy! The plan was to rent a house from Fernando's stepfather, the timing was perfect because it was going to be available at the beginning of February. Sadly, that plan isn't going to happen. We decided that it was a sign for us to take small steps, and to not rush into a house just yet...maybe next year. We were able to find an apartment though this past week and I am really excited about it! Having to change my train of thought and adjust to the idea that we were no longer going to have a yard, two bedrooms, and more space.I am now up for the challenge of keeping our new apartment organized and still have enough room for the soon-to-be three of us in a one bedroom. We decided to stay with a one bedroom to help save money on rent and save towards whatever comes our way in the near future. Its actually comforting knowing that we will have more money...especially with a new baby on the way! 
I've had a lot on my mind lately, including cleaning and de-cluttering the apartment we are in now so that the move will be easier on both Fernando and I. Who knows, we could either be moving with a newborn, or moving while I am at my biggest!

This weekend I was finally able to finish the baby shower invites and they are going out tomorrow! Only a little more than 3 weeks till the shower!!

Today we accomplished A LOT!!!

Carpet cleaned!

Downsizing the bookshelf!

Spring Cleaned our Closet!
(Yes it was a lot worse than this!)

I was able to make a donation pile, summer pile, and a pile that my sisters will be thankful to have back! 

Overall I believe that this week was a success! Now all I have to worry about is the big surprise that is going to happen at the beginning of next month! Sorry I cant share just yet, Fernando reads my blog! I will keep you updated though!

Oh and on Tuesday I will be 8 months!! So excited!!

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