Monday, January 16, 2012

Stroller..Car Seat.. Check!

Today was a very productive day I would have to say! We had planned on going out yesterday and buy a car seat but that plan didn't happen. We were in a lazy mood and decided to take advantage of this great 3 day weekend, so today we had decided that we had procrastinated enough. Time to buy a car seat!

We have lived in this area for almost a year, and not until recently have to discovered all of the shops north of us. Its kind of funny, but I think we were just so used to being more south that we never considered exploring north of our neighborhood. Our train of thought was that it was all too far, even though in reality all of our favorite stores were much closer, less busy, and were much more upgraded! Too bad we are moving in less than a month. 

Well our outing today started at a Babies R Us/Toys R Us to look for the perfect car seat. Plus I had printed up a 20% coupon off any single baby travel system product. Score! That sure did come in handy, saving us a whopping $48. Now a days, any money saved is a huge success for us. Fernando was very pleased with my coupon skills!

We already had a specific car seat picked out, which we based on the comfort and style. Well earlier this week I was killing time at work and decided to look at the reviews for that product. Glad that I did, the reviews were horrible, so we knew that we needed to do a lot more research and find a new one fast.
 When I think about the type of car seat that would fit my everyday needs, I think: lightweight, easy to handle, safe, and comfortable. Not only did we need a car seat, but also a stroller. When it comes to strollers I believe myself to be very picky. I don't like bulky items or 4 wheel strollers, and I want to be able to go jogging with Aleena as well as be able to take the stroller anywhere we might be. 

Hurray!!! We found our perfect match! It's a 3 wheel jogger stroller and car seat package, i'm so excited to put it to use!

This one is purple and black, but we decided to go with a green and grey stroller. I do like it a lot better than this purple one, so does Fernando. I can totally picture myself going for a jog with this bad boy!
This makes two items checked off of our check list. A very successful and productive day! 

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