Monday, June 4, 2012

Three Hearts Become One

A lovely letter that Daddy wrote to you Aleena.

Dear Aleena Rosalie,

Hi my little pumpkin! I just wanted you to know how much you've changed my life for the better, and It's only been three months! These three months have been the greatest time in my life and I can't imagine how much more of an adventure it's going to be watching you grow up. Your mother and I are very blessed to have you in our lives.

You look just like I did when I was a newborn; it makes me wonder if you're going to grow to look more like your mama than me. The day you were born was the proudest day of my life, I knew the second you came out; you would change my life forever! I cried when the doctor put you on your mothers chest, we were finally able to stop imagining who you were going to look like. All I can say is that you looked like my twin! So beautiful you were, and still are, you were already sucking your thumb! February 22, 2012 is a day I shall never forget.

When I am lying near you and placing your pacifier in your mouth, you always hold onto my fingers, you never let go. I love the feeling of comfort that I give you, you know when I am by your side. When I carry you, you always put your head up against mine, it's so adorable, it's the little things you do that mean the world to me. It lets me know that you feel my love and you are aware of the love that you are sharing with us! You may not understand it now, but once you do, I hope that you never stop this indescribable feeling of joy that you bring into my life.

The advice that we were given before and after you were born was unfortunately true. We were told, "enjoy every second of her because she will grow fast!" It's already been a little over three months and you've grown so much, I don't know where my tiny seven pound, eleven ounce baby girl went. I love your smiles and smirks, they are the same facial expressions that I have always made. The smile on your face let's your mother and I know that we are doing an amazing job as being your parents. While we watch you grow day by day, we are always wondering what type of person you're going to be; your sweet and loving personality is showing so much. 

Whether you decide to be a doctor or a construction worker, I just want you to know that we will be here to support every decision you make in life. You will have an enormous impact in every possible aspect, whether that be good or bad. Whichever it is, it was meant to happen and you just need to take life one step at a time. Though times may get tough, you will have us there to keep you positive and keep you moving forward from the negative things in life. Your mother and I have such a strong relationship, we have always been there for one another, just like we will always be there for you. I can already tell that the three of us are going to have so many adventures together! I love you!



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