Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Kick in the Butt!

Wow what a week that I have had! Let me just say people, when I decided to try out online classes this semester I thought it was going to be a piece of cake! Umm that is not the case! I feel like I am going crazy with the amount of reading that I am needing to do just to keep up, and I love reading!!! So hopefully I will get this school thing under control soon and actually get to enjoy my free time again!

Guess what?!?! I am now 4 months and 1 day pregnant with our beautiful, or handsome, little baby! I feel like the time has gone by fast, but no matter what week of my pregnancy I am in time goes by in slow motion! Oh well, I don't want to rush my pregnancy, I am already enjoying it so much and I am only in the beginning of my second trimester!

I went to the doctors on Monday for a routine check up and I was so excited to hear the heartbeat I didn't think my day could have gotten any better! But it did! When we were listening to the fast little flutter of our baby I was able to hear it moving around in me so fast! It made a little swoosh noise and thats all I needed, to know that our baby was right on track!

Less then a month away we will know what out little one is! I know that I am going to make time go by slow because of how often I think about 10/10/11! Will it be a boy, or a girl?!?!

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