Friday, September 30, 2011

Kicks, Pokes, and Shoves!

I really feel like my belly is now a war zone inside of me. Our little one and I are in a fight for space and comfort! It's not like I intentionally try to make the little one mad but I'm not always in a "pregnant" posture or stance. For instance, bending down to put on my shoes earns me a kick in the lower part of my stomach, laying on my side, that happens to be the side which we both are sharing, means that im in for a long night of shoves! Fernando gets a kick out of how active our baby is, we think its a boy because of all of this movement! Even though my baby belly is the one taking all of the beatings, it is just a constant reminder that our little one is getting big and stronger as each day goes by!


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  2. Wow that is so crazy gil I can't believe that is already happenin to you. I would have never thought tha this would be happening. Haha who would have thought? Well maybe people who know ore about how a baby grows because not me. Keep this site going with all of the craziness and I'll keep checking in. Love you