Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Thinking Ahead of Time

The thought of having a girl or a boy is always on my mind. I know that most people have names picked out for either gender, already know what their nursery is going to look like, and basically have the whole thing planned out down to the very last detail. I am not really focusing on the names at this moment because I just end up getting worked up about the entire thing, and Fernando and I just start throwing out funny and awkward names to one another! I have been thinking about my nursery theme though, that is the one thing that I am for sure about so far!

I love how adorable owls are!! They just make me heart melt when I see the different types of designs that there are! I don't want any colors that are over powering but just cute and subtle!

If we have a girl, I want the colors to be a light pink or purple with grey incorporated into it! Something along the lines of this!

If we have a boy then of course I want either light green or blue with grey as well!

This pregnancy has been so amazing so far, I just am so excited because I know that it is going to continue to get so much better!

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  1. love the owls, now we know the will be pink!!!!!