Sunday, June 26, 2011

Cousins Galore!

A day at the beach is full of smiles,laughter and memories. As I sit back and watch my sisters cake their kids with sunblock, strap on the life jackets and follow the kids around the water to always be by their sides, I notice something blissful. My baby will never be alone or grow up in a small quiet family. Our baby will become number 6 of the kids under 11 and will have enough love from all to last a lifetime! I can picture myself next summer with a baby that will be experiencing the beach, mountains, and many more adventures for the first time. No matter where we go my family will be there to share the wonderful memories with our new little family and the many more to come!
A wonderful day in Colorado with the family!

Noah will be the closest cousin in age to our baby to be!

Jaylee is our families little Chocolate Woman!

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