Saturday, June 25, 2011

Pregnant at Last!

I started this blog a little over a month ago to help guide me through my process of trying to conceive. I had no idea where this would take me or if I would stick with it. After a few bumps in the road I have finally made it to my desired destination just to realize I was beginning a new journey. A journey that was started by the digital words that read to me "Pregnant".

I guess I believed myself to be defected and never reach my goal of pregnancy, so the thought of what I would do when it became reality never crossed my mind. There are no words to describe how I felt when I discovered there was a precious life growing inside of me. The warmth that spread across my body along with happiness and excitement was a new type of love that I have never felt before. I wondered, how have I gone this long without this love and still managed to feel satisfied? I am going to enjoy every second of every minute being pregnant and love my baby with all of my heart! I have finally made it to my goal and now, Fernando and I get to prepare ourselves for the journey to come of parenthood.

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