Thursday, August 25, 2011

Blog Time

This blog was started a little over three months ago to help me gather my thoughts and to test out this amazingly fun blogging world! As the months have passed my daily experiences have been shared with those that pass by, but mainly myself! I have become a huge fan of Top Baby Blogs and try to browse a different blog as much as possible; hense my continuously dying phone!

From my first visit to the website I knew that I wanted to be a part of it, but I had to keep up with my blog for three months before I could do so. Well that time has finally come! Everyone, i am now a member of Top Baby Blog! Waking up to an email stating that my blog was approved was more exciting then I ever expected! I found myself texting Fernando right away ( 6 am right away ) telling him the great news!

I feel like I have accomplished a huge obstical, I am almost over the mountain in front of me! My blog is going to mean something to someone other than myself! Followers press my vote button! I was so excited all day until reality struck. I don't know how to add all these nifty features to my blog, I can't find my blog on the website, and I feel like I got my hopes up all for nothing.

Question of the day: Why am I not a computer whizz?!!


  1. Your blog is so cute:) Have you checked out Mom Bloggers Club? You remind me of myself when I started my blog. It became especially important to me after I had my daughter because I could connect with other moms during her nap time.

  2. Aww thanks! No I haven't ill have to look it up. That's what I want to be able to do, thanks for the website!!!