Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Too Soon to Tell!

Being so early in this pregnancy has really tested my patience. Not knowing if we are going to be expecting a little handsome man or an adorable little lady has really gotten the best of me! I have to say what a trooper to my mother and grandmother were for never being able to find out early due to the time of their pregnancies. I doubt I would have been able to do the same! I feel like a little kid that is waiting for santa to bring me my gift but the date just keeps getting pushed further and further back! I think that I am going to pull out my hair one of these days... very soon!

I have always loved my shopping trips, even if the items aren't for myself. The joy of being able to pick whatever I want and be able to see in worn, played with, put to good use or just adored, has always given me such great satisfaction! Now I feel completely different about these money hogging trips.

I get that I am able to purchase neutral colors for our little one, greens, browns, light blues, yellow and white. To me however, that just takes all the fun out of shopping for my first baby. I want to be able to pick up that handsome varsity cardigan, or that adorable purple and pink tutu, but instead I get to pick out neutral colored items.

Today however, I was able to fulfill a little morsal of my satisfaction when I picked out these adorable little moccasins, that can be worn my our soon-to-be little man or little lady!


  1. what a great blog! as a new mom of a 3 month old, enjoy the journey you are going to love it!


  2. Aww thank you, I thought so too Katie!! And thank you Rhiannon I am so excited to even be pregnant, I know I am going to LOVE being a mom!

  3. I could never wait to find out what I was having! As soon as I found out that they were girls I went to town decorating their rooms & buying lots of little things! Have fun! xx

  4. That's how i am!!! I have to stop myself from buying little boy or girls clothes! I feel like if I buy a little dress ill have a little girl or vice versa! The gender doesn't matter to me but in some weird way I don't want to feel like I influenced the turn out!