Monday, August 15, 2011

Belly Pictures!

I know that this blog site hasn't been receiving my full attention and I do apologize. This job has been getting the best of me and recovering from the stress has been my top priority.

One of my worst nightmares came alive, and I was looking at a gun pointed at my face. All I could think about was that I needed to calm down and not get over worked. I am pregnant and I need to put my baby first, we will be fine as long as I stay calm. Believe me, I did my best and it paid off!

A week off of work and a new transfer to another location is just what I needed! As a precaution I scheduled a same day doctors appointment to make sure our little one was not being affected by my my unwanted eventful day.

When I first heard that fast hummingbird thud of a heartbeat my heart sank and I knew that everything was going to be okay! God has blessed us with a strong baby and allowed my little family to move forward. That is why I wanted to share with everyone our little one growing!

12 Weeks!

11 Weeks!

10 Weeks!

9 Weeks!


  1. I love your posts and that growing baby bump ;) I hope you guys are doing good :) Love you

  2. Thanks Nadja! Im so impatient I just want to look prego and not fat! We miss you and love you!

  3. Lol you don't look fat you look pregnant! Miss you guys too! <3