Thursday, April 19, 2012

Exercise, when is there time?

During the last month of my pregnancy all I could think about was how badly I wanted to work out. I could picture my thighs becoming slim again, my stomach back to its flat self, and my feet not swollen anymore! Now that my doctor gave me the all thumbs-up to work out, I've only found time to feel the burn twice! Between caring for Aleena, school work, being a housewife, and finding time to keep my daily appearance up, I don't know when to squeeze in a good 30 minute workout. Plus I have to keep in mind not to disturb Aleena's schedule too much. 
 Where is your little one when you work out?
 When do you find time to better your body?
 Is it easier to workout at home, or go out and make it a fun one!?
 Does anyone else have this problem!?
  Thanks for your input!


  1. It is really hard to find time...since going back to work I've had to become creative, so I do things throughout the day, even at the morning, when after little brother's bottle I'll do a couple rounds of wall squats, then if I'm doing dishes I'll incorporate lunges...I figure something is better than nothing until I can find a chunk of time to get in a real workout!

  2. Yep - definitely hard to find the time~! The past few weeks I've been trying to start running (sooo out of shape btw)...when Josh gets home (or before be leaves in the morning for work) I nurse Viv and then let her have some special Daddy time while I go outside and run...I've only been going for about 30 minutes at a time so far but every little bit counts, am I right?

  3. Em S., you sound like me! If aleena is fussy and im rocking her while walking ill do.stretches, squats, and when she's in a playful mood I use her weight to work out my arms! Thanks for your input!

    Jordan I love to run, and i live how much Aleena loves her stroller! I think my only problem is that school is taking up any and all of my free time. Thanks for your comment, I know that Fernando will be a big help when i kick up my workout times!