Friday, April 20, 2012

Birth Story: Part 1

With Aleena turning 2 months this past week, I realized that I still hadn't told my birth story and that's something ill never want to forget! I feel as though its important for all mothers to share their personal story so that we can help those who are expecting or who will some day be. My story is rather long, so I will be breaking this into two separate posts so I don't have a book published on here! I hope you enjoy it, learn from it, and take it with you, because I know we will never forget the day our beautiful daughter Aleena was brought into this world!

 The Friday before Aleena was born, which was 5 days prior, I left work early because I was so uncomfortable that it felt like I had the worst menstrual cramps ever. Fernando left work early so that we could head over to the mall and try to kick the contractions up a notch. After a couple of hours we realized that the walking wasn't doing much besides give me a big blister on the back of my heel. Our next plan was to pit stop at the restrooms then grab some dinner. Well, to be vague, I lifted my leg up to flush the toilet, (public bathrooms freak me out!) and water trinkled down my leg...twice!!! I was so happy! My water broke! When I got back to Fernando and told him the news, (with his anxiety kicking in) we headed to the exit and were on our way to the hospital! Once there, the nurse, which I loved, did a test to make sure my water broke. The test came back negative and they said I had probably lost control of my bladder. LIARS!! Still to this day I know it wasn't my bladder! They kept me there for a few hours, making me walk, checking my cervix, (which was only dilated at 1.5) monitored me, but my body wasn't progressing enough. So I was soon sent home with the feeling of desperation. Sooner or later we were going to meet our baby girl, the next time we left the hospital we would leave with three!

A few more days flew by rather quickly because we were moving to another apartment, spending time with Fernando's sister, niece, and nephew who had been staying with us for a little over two weeks, and trying to prepare for Aleena as much as possible. I swear that move wore me out, and I finally realized that I needed to slow down and take it easy for a while. Well that didn't quite happen because all day Monday I was having contractions, like the ones that knock the wind out of you kind of contractions. I felt so bad because his sister was unpacking our house (which is what I should have been doing, not her) while I was "relaxing" on the couch. I finally got to the point that I knew that I needed to just go in again. So round two, we were back at the hospital, and the nurse this time wasn't that nice. I was told to walk for a few hours to see if my still 1.5 dilated cervix would go up every hour like it is supposed to. Sad to say I didn't progress, my contractions weren't as close as they needed to be and the nurse made me feel as if I was incapable of reading my own body. She made me feel like I didn't know anything about my baby girl, and that type of person has no right to work with emotional hormonal mothers-to-be. I tried to keep it to myself but I ended up telling my entire family about our bad experience with this one rude nurse. That was not the end of our encounters with her, I wish I would have said something to her, gave her a piece of Aleena's and my mind!

(Sorry for not having pictures, but the idea of remembering how miserable I was in the hospital didn't really appeal to me!)

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