Monday, April 9, 2012

Easter Weekend!

Aleena's 1st Easter weekend was quite a memorable one! I was so excited to spend her first holiday outside of the womb with her that I had everything planned out! Ha ha, what was I thinking? Our weekend revolved around our lovely lady, which was the best part about it all! 

A lazy morning for us!

My realization that my daughter looks nothing like me!

Grandma Priscilla was able to visit from New Mexico and stay all weekend with us! She hadn't seen Aleena since she was one week old, she's quite the chunker now!

One of my favorite things about Aleena is that she's lazy like her mama, and I know its not because she's a newborn! We spent all of Saturday lounging around the house and Grandma cooked us mutton (lamb ribs) and homemade tortillas! Yum!

Easter morning we planned on getting ready early and taking lots of pictures of Aleena opening her first Easter basket... that did not happen! Instead Aleena took an extra long morning nap, decided that her dress wasn't comfy, and cried until we took it off of her! We couldn't even snap any pictures of that! So she wore one of her favorite outfits ( my favorite) and we were off to eat lunch with my family! We all had a great 1st Easter with our baby girl Aleena!

Our new little family!

Her basket that we put together!

Aleena and Gunga!

Aleena and Aunty Dede!

Aleena and cousin Jaylee!

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