Monday, May 23, 2011

Is There Ever a Right TIme?

I seems that every little detail becomes a ginormous task once you realize that that the decision you make concerns your baby. When I was younger, I had fun dreaming up what my baby girls name would be, nothing complicated about it. It was easy and simple and names like Crystal and Lola were very appealing to me. Hearing the names that I chose come from my favorite cartoon characters or from a pretty girl that I went to school with.  Now I cant imagine deciding on a name that will live on with my child for the rest of their life and maybe even being the reason why they would resent me.  Names, baby clothes to buy, brands to use and not to use, cloth or not when it comes to diapers, all these topics require deep thought and perfect decision making. Is there ever going to be a sign in front of me that says, "hurry, chose now, its time", or will I have to chance it and trust that I will chose right? Its a huge decision to make, and not knowing when to make the decision is driving me crazy. I hear about mothers who still didn't have a name picked out until almost a week after they gave birth. I don't want to be late but at the same time I don't want to be too quick for my babies own good. Am I the only one who is worried about this and am I just a weirdo in the crowd?

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