Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Time To Upgrade

My daily routine has been a broken record for the past year and a half, going to school, work and coming home
with a migraine the size of my butt...on a good day was the daily tune of my melody. Doing homework about 3 hours a night and trying to squeeze some healthy meal planning time in there was hard enough, oh and did I forget that I have a family the size of a small village and on top of that my boyfriend. There is always something going on and not enough time in my day to fit a 1/4 of a works day into. I thought my whole life was already mapped in front of me like directions on how to put your easy to assemble Kirby Vacuum that is already 100% workable right out of the box. One day I was approached with the thought of me maybe, hopefully, yearning with all of my heart that I might be pregnant came to my attention. And let me tell you I have had plenty of scares that I might be carrying a baby have happened before but for some reason this time in the back of my mind I was fancying very quietly that I was a soon to be full time mommy! Pee tests..ugh. Who invented those dreadful things? Having to go through the impatient three minutes where I was able to envision myself with a baby and already thinking of how fat I will get and what school will I chose to send my baby to. At the same time halfway going blind looking for the pale pink lines on four pregnancy tests, two doctors tests just to find out I am still not pregnant. I figured, okay its for the best and it wasn't meant to be. Hearing the news about the big negative, my two sisters (both mothers of two), and my mom all congratulated me on the so called exciting news of not being pregnant. A sudden feeling of anger came over me that was very unexpected. Did they think that I wouldn't be a good mom? Was I not ready for a baby in their eyes? They didn't even ask me if I was happy with the results or not. The next couple of days I was trying to realize why their comments were bothering me so much and then it hit me. I was sad that I wasn't pregnant because I wanted to have a baby. I was finally ready to take the plunge and go for the whole nine yards! I was ready to start a family and to follow a new path. So I left the old version behind and headed towards the Kirby 3000 upgrade!  Now all I had to do was convince my boyfriend that its what he wanted as well. I wonder how that will go.

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