Friday, May 20, 2011

A Natural Mom

I'm not completely sure but I bet that i'm not the only soon to be mommy out there that has baby fever. Now, when I go to any store, ( including hardware, shoe and grocery stores) I somehow find the baby section. I wont even be looking for it but the next thing I know is that I have either a fuzzy blanket, cute baby boy chuck taylors or some new advanced baby food gadget in my hands and added to my shopping list. I don't think anything of it, I just know that its my motherly instincts kicking in. Its funny to see Fernando's facial expressions concerning the unknown baby world that he has never really been apart of. Growing up for me was very different compared to his nuclear family type which, included his mom, dad and sister. I was always around a baby whether it was my little sister, nephews or niece starting around when I was 10. I have always loved being around little ones and things like changing diapers, burping after feedings or watching out for pee with little boys comes naturally to me. I think that I need to start early with Fernando in preparing him for a little one, and trying not to scare him away at the same time! I know he is going to be an amazing dad so all I have to do is help him to see that he will soon too be a natural Super Dad.

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