Saturday, May 21, 2011

A Simple Saturaday

Waking up to no alarm clocks, no dog whimpering because he has to be let outside and not being elbowed in the face for once is a great start to my rare Saturday off. I feel like a new women,nothing at this point could go wrong. Oh but of course, I spoke too soon, my allergies kick in and the race for tissue begins. I cant complain, I know that today is going to be just what I needed to regain the energy lost from working long hours this past week and I plan to use this time very productively. Oh and to add to the perfect start of the day, it finally stopped raining and the sun is out for the first time in days (please weather, just let summer finally reach its full potential soon to that my pasty white skin can get some color)! I have taken up this new hobby of trying (emphasize on trying) to reupholster this chair that I bought from the local thrift store. I think that it has some potential to be my new desk chair or something to make a quick buck on So I think I'm going to make a pretty huge dent in finishing up this chair and hopefully be able to continue on with this new found hobby of mine. Let me just tell you though, I'm known for never fully finishing the crafty hobbies that I have started in the past. Maybe this chair wont have to join my half finished headboard underneath my bed that went terribly wrong a couple months ago.

On another note, breakfast is almost ready, beans and red chili smell amazing and I think its the perfect match to make this runny nose of mine go away for good. Let me just say that I'm a good cook and I make some pretty delicious meals (not trying to brag, I'm no Rachael Ray) but when it comes to breakfast I tend to leave that to Fernando. He can whip up some hearty home cooked meals that hit the right spot. There is never a disappointment in his breakfasts. I think we will leave dinner up to me though, if it was up to him we would be eating potatoes and ground beef every night! I have to make sure we don't have heart attacks at the age of 25! For now however, that sounds pretty good! 

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