Wednesday, May 18, 2011

One Step at a Time

Convincing my boyfriend that having a baby was the next step to take in our relationship wasn't as easy as I pictured in my head. Me being the type that doesn't think things through fully and him being the responsible one, I knew that we would butt heads on the subject at first. After days and days of trying to make him realize that it would be exciting and the idea of a baby in my belly would fill us up with so much joy we could explode, he still was 50-50 with my idea. But finally he came around and we are both excited to soon be having a new addition to our family. As a surprise I took Fernando (my boyfriend) to the store and had him pick out one item that he would want to get for our soon to be baby. I have to admit I was shocked when he handed me this gorgeous green and blue plush baby blanket. I could tell that we were on the same path towards parenthood!

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