Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Seeking A New Path

The past 2 days have been sort of a blur to me so I apologize for not posting yesterday. My morning started off like usual and nothing seemed to be off point. Work was a drag like usual for a Tuesday and I was dreading to that my day was going to never end. I work at a credit union that is located in a deserted Safeway parking lot and have been employed there for the past 2 years. Well yesterday I became a victim of a robbery and have been stressed out ever since. It all happened so fast but still left a deep impression in my train of thought. The crazy thing about this all is that the previous night I had asked God to show me a sign that will lead me down the path that I am supposed to follow. I'm not sure what exactly being robed means, however all I know for now is that I am now on the search for a new job ASAP! Its sad because I love all of my co-workers deeply but if I plan on being a mother soon and pregnant then I need to put my safety first. The detective told me that the robber was only in the building for 42 seconds, but those 42 seconds will stay with me forever. I just have to learn to push that memory as far away from my thoughts and attention span as possible. Maybe I should take up cake decorating and leave the money business to everyone else. Thank God that no one was hurt yesterday.

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