Wednesday, May 18, 2011

To Breathe or Not to Breathe?

Many, like me, might have thought that planning to get pregnant would be a piece of cake. It turns out however, a mother instinct comes over you (even though you might not be a mom yet) and every little thing you do, eat, think about doing and did a week ago is scrutinized to the highest extent. So when I turned to google to learn more about the affects that my grocery cart size of medications would have on my soon to be baby, I was scared stiff. Who knew all the things that could cause your baby to have 11 toes, 3 ears and come out full grown? Its funny how before, you always pushed aside warnings that came from the evil search engines every other time but, when it comes to your future offspring you believe every single phrase you read no matter what crappy website its from. So that's what happened when I looked up my asthma preventative and found that its been found to cause early term pregnancies, neural tube defect along side with defects that I cant even pronounce. So freaked out by what I found I immediately stopped taking my daily dose. Within two days I was hooked on my inhaler and I felt like an addict. Desperate for an alternative I quickly turned to my doctor and found out I almost has an asthma attack for nothing! The one website that I found the information on turned out to be an overdose that scientists tested on mice. The dose was given through the blood, (not inhaled like mine which, doesn't reach the blood) and was ten times the human dosage. NOTHING TO DO WITH HUMANS WHAT SO EVER! Relieved by my new found glory, I was quick to decide that I better start breathing again!

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