Tuesday, May 29, 2012


Have you ever left your little one alone, while they were still so tiny, for a couple of hours and had anxiety the entire time you were away?

That was me tonight, I hated it! Though I knew Aleena was safe with her daddy while I snuck away to my brother-in-laws birthday dinner, I still had the feeling that it was wrong for me to leave her. I need to get over this, but I know it will be a while! The funny part about it all is that she was asleep for the night when I left and she didn't even take notice of my absence! Oh the joys of being a mother! Overreacting when it's obviously unneeded!

I came home, checked on my sleeping beauty, then came to the computer to watch slideshows of her! I just can't get enough of her! I love that girl to death, I'm addicted to everything about her, her love, smell, smile, dimple (right under her right eye!) If their was therapy to fix my overpowering addiction to her, I would stay far far away! 

My two loves are fast asleep right now, taking up the entire bed! I know I'll have to scoot her over in a little so I can get some shut eye, but for now, I'll let her be! 

I found these pictures of my little love while she slept as a newborn!

 So sad! She's grown so much!

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  1. Hi new reader here! Your daughter is so adorable! I completely understand how you feel, the few times I've left Chloe I missed her so much and thought about her the whole time!

  2. Awww, she was so cute!!

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  3. I had horrible Anxiety after my first son, thankfully it has gotten much better. Now I'm only anxious to fly without them, which Ihave to do in a couple weeks :-(

  4. Good to know that ill overcome the anxiety some day! Oh no! Good luck!