Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Muffin Top Status

I'm lazy! There I said it! 
My entire life I have never enjoyed working out, it just never seemed to work into my daily plans. When I do workout, I'm "that" person who stops 10 minutes early because I can, only finishing if I have someone to push me forward, when in reality I just don't want to be the lazy one who stands out. 

I've finally hit a spot in my post-pregnancy life where reality has sunk in and opened my eyes to view my new "friend", her name, Mrs. Muffin Top. I guess I've never really considered the fact that I need to tone up, I just kept putting it on the back burner of my list of things to complete. I've been loosing weight like crazy with my dairy free diet, I can tell, I have another "friend", I like her A LOT better, her name, Mrs. Sexy Collar Bone. 

The other day my mom came over, she brought me over a present, I love her! A cute pair of wash shorts, just what I had been needing, I was in love! When I tried them on, my legs looked great, (they are usually getting strangled, pre-pregnancy and during pregnancy), I was so happy, that is until I saw Mrs. Muffin Top waiving hello. 

Long, sad, disappointing story cut short; I need to workout, tone up, and stop being lazy! Here is what I have come up with so far.

Healthy foods... check
Signs of weight loss...check
Exercise... NOPE! (WHY ME!)

You see, waist-up pictures are what I hide behind, this needs to stop!

There is a new me coming your way, a new healthier, toned, hot mama coming your way! "Sad" to say, Mrs. Muffin Top is getting the boot, I only have room for one BFF in my life!

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  1. I saw your blog link in another blog post, so I wanted to check it out! I love reading your entries, and your baby girl is adorable!

    I'll be following your blog, can't wait to see more! I recently started my own food and baking blog. Would love for you to join. Making new bloggie friends is always awesome! :)

    1. Thanks for stopping by! We love new followers! Yay new blog followers are the best! I'll be stopping by your blog, i love food!

  2. I share a few dairy-free posts over at Chasing Roman - where you left a comment to say you were following me from :)! Thanks for following, btw :) - and I can totally advocate this lifestyle. I love it. I've been dairy free/vegan for 7 years and honestly wouldn't go back.

    But yep exercise is the answer :/. I've lost some weight recently and I'm finding that the only real way to tone up after a baby is to exercise - just do what's fun and you can't go wrong! :D.

    1. You do? Thanks so much, i can always use more recipes, i dont want to get sick of this lifestyle at all! No problem, your blog is so cute! Yes exercise is what im in need of, and a routine so I don't have any excuses not to. I better get on it, its swim suit season!