Monday, May 28, 2012

Our Birthday Boy!


Raising you is a blessing that has been given to your Daddy and I, it is a life long journey that consists of love, love, love, and tons of hugs and kisses! Each day with you that passes gets added to our long and meaningful book of memories that will forever stay locked in our hearts. Your dad and I love every moment of every day with you, more than we ever thought possible.

I can't imagine venturing down this wonderful path of raising you without the help of your Daddy, I know that I will never have to worry about that because your dad is unlike any other man I know. I've known that he was someone special since the day I laid eyes on him, the way he looked at me made me feel loved even before I knew his name. I never knew what love really was until I met him, I knew that we would forever be together. Starting a family together was always the plan, though we were young, we knew that we were ready to bring you into this world and smother you with love for all the years to come.

Though you are only three months old, you are already so deeply in love with your dad and I, we see it in your everyday happiness. The sight of love in your eyes is breath taking when you look at me, I try my hardest to show you the same love back, I hope you can see it. It warms my heart to see how in love you are with your daddy, whenever he comes in the room he has your attention. You sit in his lap so calmly, I can tell you feel so safe on his chest. The way he holds you in his arms so delicately, kisses your head when you're sleeping, holds your hands while you are eating, and hugs you tight whenever you are crying, is such a wonderful sight to see. Your Daddy is the greatest dad ever, and I mean EVER!

Today is your Daddy's birthday, he turned 23, and we were able to spend this special day with him!

You woke him up with your cute baby sounds, which he says was your way of singing happy birthday to him! He loves the card that you made, your handprint and toes are so tiny on the card, it's the best card ever! 

We spent all day at BBQs with your daddy, when we finally got home we were able to sing to him by ourselves with the yummy cheesecake that we made for him! Though it's not the end of the night just yet, and your Daddy hasn't said it, yet, I know that this has been the best birthday for him, I can see it in his eyes, more than he could have ever imagined, all because you were here to spend this day with your Daddy the birthday boy!

Happy Birthday Love, I hope your day was amazingly amazing!

Giving your Daddy some birthday Love!

Oh, and do you see this frostingless cake? That's your Daddy's favorite!

Your Daddy is a cheesecake lover!

Today was your first time in a sprinkler! You loved it until your cousin accidentally sprayed you in the face! You took a nap after that "trauma"!

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  1. happy birthday to your husband! what great pictures, it looks like the perfect day (aside from the traumatizing face spray)!

  2. Thank you! She survived after a minute or two!