Tuesday, May 29, 2012

The Numbers Are In!

I've been blogging about our little love for a little over a year now, time sure does fly! It has allowed me to keep a daily journal that we plan on sharing with Aleena in the future!

As most of you know, the numbers on TBB have reset, and we sure have gone up on the charts! (Previously #256) I thought I would do a little begging, I guess that's the norm during this reset time, and ask you all to please keep us going!

You can show us some blogger love by voting for us, one vote per day (of course you can vote for us everyday!), we sure do love your support!

Click the here, then click the left owl, it just takes two clicks!

Ok, no more begging... for now! Have a great week!

"Hey Mom, do you think they voted for us?"

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