Thursday, May 3, 2012

Play Time!

Play time is full of surprises here at the Herrera house! Sometimes Aleena will sleep past tummy/play time, but mostly she's enjoying herself! She has three friends that she loves, the giraffe was a present from her daddy the day she was born! She thinks its so funny and amusing, its her favorite!

 The two birds were gifts and she loves the jingle noises they make!! Aleena loves her play mat, but only if its in the morning, (that's when she's the most playful)! She kicks, and talks to her jungle friends and gets to excited by all the bright colors around her! 

 We love how happy our baby girl is!!!


  1. Love this set of pictures! She sure doesn't have little chicken legs anymore. Which makes me sad because I am president& founder of the Chicken Leg Club! We cant all have legs like Jes& Ger& Rosalie. So sad Aleena, thought you were one of us. Sigh. She has grown like crazy in the month since I saw her. Slow down you!

  2. Yep, still can't get over how freaking adorable she is - and her hair! She's getting so, so big - slow down time!