Thursday, May 24, 2012

So Quickly You Grow

Growth: Your our big/little lady that seems to be sprouting over night! Every time we look at you it amazes us with how much bigger you have grown since the previous day. I send your daddy pictures of you throughout the day, and his number one reply is, "Wow, she is so beautiful and getting so big!" I don't know what it's like to be away from you for an entire day like your daddy, but I know that if I was then your growth would stand out to me far much more than it already does. The doctor asks me every time we go for a visit, (your last one was a month ago) who has the height in the family, our reply; your daddy's side. Your height is 25 inches, that's the 98th percentile! Your current weight is 12 lbs. 13 oz., putting you in the 85th percentile, and your head measures 15 and 3/4 inches, 80 percentile! Your growing so fast, the majority of it in length! It makes me so sad when I am rocking you to sleep and your feet are always dangling down and touching either the rocker or the bed. Soon, very soon, I know that its going to be uncomfortable for me to continue holding you like a newborn, wrapped tight and secure in my arms. When that day comes I plan on crying my eyes out, (happy tears of course!) It will be too much for me to see you grow so quickly.

Obstacles: You have been able to turn from your tummy to your back for a little over a month now which blows our minds! Its so cute to see such an adorably small little woman moving so much at such a young age! Your new challenge is to go from your back to your stomach, which frustrates you so much. You kick and scream, trying your hardest to get to your tummy, if only you would know that it's your chunky little arm that's blocking your way! I have a feeling that you'll master that task in the next couple of weeks as long as you keep trying daily. Its funny to see that once you give up you quickly find your hands, while you lay on your side, and begin to devour them with slobber! You are trying to crawl, your at the stage where your arms stay at your side most of the time, while your little legs scoot your straight forward or around in a circle! I love it, except for the fact that you always end it with a shrieking cry because your not satisfied with your progress. You sat up for the first time yesterday, if thats what its even called. You put all of your weight on your legs, sitting at an angle, after I squared you off to make sure you had balance. It was funny to see you look around for me, curious as to how you were sitting on your own without me by your side. We love how much you take in and learn everyday, your such a fast learner!

Talking: You have been able to hold a conversation for quite some time now. Always looking to see if we are around to respond, even that doesn't stop you! My favorite time is when I am putting you down for a nap, right when your about to fall asleep you lift your head, look me straight in the eyes and start goo-gooing away! I know I need to keep quiet in order to let you get your rest, but an occasional laugh comes out and we get lost in our secret language with one another! Your daddy talks to you often, always wanting to make sure he's not missing out on anything while he is away at work during the day. I love watching you two together, it shows me more and more just how loved you truly are!

Sleeping: You're a pro, and have been since you were a month and a half! You're on a routine to where you fall asleep an hour after your daily feedings, and twenty minutes after your night time feedings. You're asleep for the night by 8 or 9, and you don't wake again until 4-5. It's so thoughtful of you, it's as if you want mommy to catch up on sleep! You're a tummy sleeper and I'm okay with this because I'm by your side making sure your okay throughout the entire night. We co-sleep and have since your birth, I wouldn't have it any other way, I love being by your side while you dream of milkshakes, mommy, and daddy, you sleep so peacefully, with an occasional fart that we smirk at! I'm usually the one who puts you asleep, but daddy is working on finding a way to help out. You see his problem is that he wants to talk to you the entire time, not realizing that you wont fall asleep because you're being stimulated, daddy's a dork!
(Your Aunt Lala isn't going to like this picture!)

(You sat away from me the entire time, I was lonely.)

Social Life: You love our outings! Your curious little eyes wonder from color to color, soaking in all the wonderful things that are around you. We take walks to the park, visit your cousins, go to baseball games, have picnics, go to BBQs, and recently you explored IKEA! You are such a happy baby no matter where we are, never fussy, always smiling, and letting all who want to, hold you. At times you look for me, but once we meet eyes, you are right back at socializing with all! You have been sick a couple of times since birth which makes me wonder if I should risk you being exposed to so many germs, I've learned to calm down a bit. Our best friend is the hand sanitizer, which gets applied before anyone can hold you, so far so good!

Your Loves: Daddy bought you your first love at the hospital the day you were born. He is a colorful giraffe named Moose, and you love him so dearly! Mommy and daddy wanted you to have a soft friend that is always near you to comfort you and put you at ease. Mommy bought you your blue elephant, which you seem to have replaced Moose with. Daddy wants you to go back to Moose, but I know you only like your elephant because its easier for you to hold, you see its a lot smaller than Moose! By the way, his name is Moose because your Aunt Eia suggested it, I fell in love, and your daddy thinks it's weird! Though I feel you're a mommy's girl, and your daddy thinks you love him more, (jokingly of course) I can see the truth in your eyes whenever you see either of us. You love us dearly, you always will, you can see that we both love you with all of our hearts, and that's all we will ever need to know!

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  1. I love you Jess, you're wonderful for sharing all this joy! x's & o'x

  2. Thanks for the lovely comment you left on my blog! I've just been reading through a couple of your recent posts & love it already. You're a great writer & it's just so sweet to hear about your little daughter! Now following you :)

    <3 Shawna
    Serpentine Streets

  3. how cute is your little girl, jessica! love seeing her on instagram, and glad we became bloggie friends via instagram. :) have a great day!! :)

    1. Thank you! I love how you call your daughter your sidekick, it fits her so well! Hope your enjoying your weekend!